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 3D Printing

May contain: wood

How to use the 3D printer

Step 1: Create or Download a 3D model. Supported file types are .sti to be compatible with our LulzBot Mini 3D printer.

Step 2.  Submit your Design to staff via usb drive or email (coming soon) to be printed and select your color. Currently the Library has Purple, Red, Blue, Neon Yellow, Orange, Yellow, and Neon Orange.

Step 3. After a staff member loads the design into the Cura program we will tell you the cost of the item to print.

Cost: Printing costs at the Library is $.05 per gram (of object’s weight) plus a $1 charge.  Most Prints range from $1-$5.

(You must pay before staff starts the printing and there will be no refunds.)

Time: Printing time ranges from 15 minutes up to 4 hours and finish time cannot exceed Library hours. (Note: Prints longer than 4 hours will require Library Director approval.)

Here are some links to help with design and downloading for 3D Printing

Download Pre-made Designs


Design and Create your own 3D models for use with the 3D printer


Convert images into 3d Models

Create G-CODE

3D Printer Policy

Draft 3D Printing Policy (subject to board approval)

Staff How to

How to use the 3D Printer

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