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 Borrower Policy

 Borrower Policy.pdf

Adopted 1-24-2015

Borrowers Library Materials
1.1 My Account
1.2 Obtaining a Library Card
1.3 Check-Out Policy
1.4 Laptop/Tablet Check-Out Policy
1.5 Family Check-Out Policy
1.6 Fines, Fees, Payments and Refunds

1.1 My Account
The Coalinga-Huron Library District’s website provides access to the library’s catalog as well as your
account information. To view your account information, enter your Borrower barcode# (use all numbers,
without spaces) and your PIN.

From the Account Overview you will have access to view:

  • View/Renew Items checked out
  • View/Change Status on items you have requested
  • View any Fees or Blocks on your account
  • Update email address or PIN

Select the Library Catalog Help option for additional step-by-step instructions.
The Coalinga-Huron Library District provides extensive privileges and services to its communities,
supported by more than 100 San Joaquin Valley Libraries. Our professional and welcoming library staff
can assist you in:

  • Finding materials
  • Answering reference questions
  • Explaining library services
  • Assisting with your library accounts

Certain privileges come along with your Coalinga-Huron Library District card including:

  • Access to library collections and checkout of items in circulation from the libraries of Coalinga, Fresno,
    Kern, Kings, Madera, Mariposa, Merced, Porterville, Tulare and Tulare Public.
  • Use of resources in all 100 San Joaquin Valley libraries, whether online or in person
  • Free transit and delivery of items ordered from member SJVLS libraries
  • Available internet use
  • Available Wi-Fi use
  • Unlimited access to available online databases; in-library online access to subscription databases

Cardholders can make requests for items or place items on hold by using the ValleyCat Online
Catalog. This system is available in the library or at home. Requests may also be placed via smart phone
through LibAnywhere.
Cardholders can use the online system to:

  • Cancel holds (if not already in transit)
  • Change their PIN number, address, etc.
  • Pay their fines
  • Place holds for up to 25 items
  • Renew materials checked out to them, unless materials are overdue
  • Renew materials checked out to them, unless requested by another patron
  • View holds

1.2 Obtaining a Library Card

Your signature on your library card means that you promise to return materials on time and in good
condition. If you lose or damage materials or turn them in late, you will be asked to pay a fee as listed in
this policy, Section 1.6. Library cards are provided free of charge to first time applicants. Library cards
will be provided free if current card is damaged. The fee to replace lost cards is $1.00. The following
information must be provided on the application:

  • Legal name (as it appears on ID)
  • Mailing address
  • Residence address (if different from your mailing address)
  • City
  • State
  • Phone Number
  • Valid Identification (Driver’s License, California Identification Card, Immigration Photo, Current
    Passport, Student Identification Card, Parole Identification Card) or other government
    identification card
  • Date of birth
  • A four-digit pin number (chosen by patron)
  • Signature
  • Email (optional)

There is no minimum age required to get your own library card, but if you are under 18 years of age, one
of your parents or a legal guardian will need to sign for it and provide identification and proof of current
address. The parent/guardian must be with the minor before they can receive their card to verify their

If you have a library card from any other library in the San Joaquin Valley Library System, you do not
need to apply for a separate Coalinga Library District card, unless you relocate. It is necessary to keep
your address and phone number current by informing the library of any changes. Lost cards should be
reported immediately to avoid charges incurred by another person. The Coalinga-Huron Library District
reserves the right to revoke or restrict the use of a patron’s card if borrowing privileges or library policies
are abused. Library privileges will not be renewed for any card holder who has unpaid fines or charges.
Photo Identification must be verified by using:

  • Current Driver’s License
  • California Identification Card
  • Current Passport
  • Government Issued Identification Card

Address information must be verified. Acceptable forms of verification include:

  • Current Rental/Lease Agreement
  • Current Vehicle Registration or Proof of Insurance
  • Imprinted Checks
  • Recent Utility Bill

Patrons who cannot provide proof of address will be limited to 4 (four) items at checkout.

1.3 Check-Out Policy

Patrons may have 25 items checked-out at one time. Patrons are responsible for lost or damaged items,
including any late or processing fees that apply.
Standard check-out lengths and limits

Three weeks

  • Books (2 per subject, non-fiction)
  • Books on CD/Tape (6 per card)
  • Magazines (12 per card)
  • Music CDs (5 per card)

Two weeks

  • DVD sets of over five in set
    One week (unless otherwise noted)
  • DVDs (6 per card)
  • District owned 3 total
  • Lending libraries 3 total

Library Use Only:

  • Games (1 per card)
  • Headphones (1 per card)
  • Laptops/Tablets (1 per card)
  • Microfilm/Microfiche
  • Reference Books
  • Special Collection
  • Yearbooks

Everyone must have their library card with them to check-out any library materials. Patrons may check-out
once a year without their card (must verify information on their profile); this will be noted on their
account. Patrons may provide prior authorization for another person to checkout items on their behalf.
The person allowed to checkout materials on their behalf will be noted on the patron’s profile. The
person check out materials must have the requesting patron’s library card. On an exception basis, patrons
may provide such authorization via telephone or in writing.

Items may be renewed 1 time, in person, over the phone, or online. Items may not be renewed if the item
has been requested by another patron. DVDs labeled “NR” (not rated) or “R” (restricted) will not be
checked-out to minors (under 18). Accounts owing more than $5.00 will not be allowed to check-out.

Most books, audio tapes, and videos can be returned to any public library branch in the San Joaquin
Valley Library System.

Unless otherwise labeled, book drops outside public libraries are for books only. You may place books in
the book drop to return them even when the library is closed. Audio cassettes and videos are likely to be
damaged. Do not use book drops for audio cassettes and videos. You will be charged for mending or
replacement costs for nonbook items damaged by return through book drops.

1.4 Laptop/Tablet Check-Out Policy
A limited amount of tablets and/or laptops (devices) are available for check-out to be used in the library
To checkout a tablet/laptop patrons must be 18 years old and have a signed liability form on file. If
patrons are under 18, a permission form signed by a guardian with an active library card in good standing
must be on file. Legal guardians must present the permission form to library staff in person.

If devices are taken or appear to be taken outside of the library patrons will no longer be allowed to use
the devices. Patrons who use the tablets and/or laptops agree to pay all fines and fees for any loss or
damages to the device, accessories or software while in their use. Patrons will agree not to make or
attempt to make any changes to the device programs or settings. The library will not be held responsible
for any damage to media or loss of data due to any cause while using the device.

Devices will be checked out on a first-come, first-served basis. No reservations will be taken. The checkout
period will be two hours each day. The devices including all accessories must be returned to a library
staff member before the end of the designated loan period. Until the device and accessories have been
placed in the hands of a library staff member, and checked-in the devices and accessories are the sole
responsibility of the patron. The devices are to be checked in with the power on.

When returning the device, patrons will allow the staff member at least five minutes to check the
equipment before the patron leaves the library. No devices will be checked out during the last hour the
library is open. All devices must be turned 30 minutes before the library closes. All privileges of checking
out the devices will be revoked if the device is not checked in 30 minutes before the library closes. All
privileges of checking out the device will be revoked if devices are not checked in at the end of the
designated loan periods. Please see fine and fees for checking out of devices in 1.6 Fines, Fees, Payments,
and Refunds.

1.5 Family Check-Out Policy
Parents/ guardians who sign for minors are responsible for all materials checked out by the minor.
Parents/guardians will have no outstanding fines (over $5.00) at any library within the San Joaquin Valley
Library System. This includes all fines incurred, including charges for late, lost and damaged materials.
Parents/guardians who sign for minors are responsible to ensure that the minor will follow all library rules
of behavior, and that if he/she chooses not to comply with these rules, his/her library privileges may be
suspended or revoked.

Parent/guardians are responsible for their children and will also have their accounts suspended if their
child’s fees go over the $5.00 limit. If more than three cards are linked with parent/guardian (including
parent/guardian) is in suspended status, the library district will be unable to issue a new card to any other
family member. All family members linked to the same parent/guardian card must be returned to active
status before additional family members will be issued a card. If any family member linked to the same
parent/guardian card is referred to collections, all cards linked to the parent/guardian will be suspended.

1.6 Fines, Fees, Payments, and Refunds
Suspended Accounts:
Accounts with $5.00 in fines/fees are suspended. This includes the checking out of materials, renewal of
materials, along with computer use.
Tablet/Laptop Fines and Fees:
Cracked Screen: Replacement cost plus $7.00
Broken Charging Pins: Replacement cost plus $7.00
Excessive Scratches: Replacement cost, plus $7.00
Broken Power Plug and Cord: Replacement cost plus $7.00
Damages and replacement costs may change and are subject to staff review.
Overdue Fines:
Books per item, $.20, per day
Magazines per item, $.20, per day
DVD’s per item, $2.00 per day
Lost/Damaged Processing Fees:
DVDs, CDs, Hardcover Books, Book on Tape/CD: $4.00 plus cost of item
Magazines and Paperbacks: $1.00 plus cost of item
Book Cover: $8.25
Book on Cassette/Tape: $10.00
Book on Cassette/Tape Case: $7.00
Book on Cassette/Tape Paper Cover: $5.00
DVD Case: $7.00
DVD Paper Cover: $5.00
Processing fee each item: $4.00 (additional)
The library district uses Unique Management Services (UMS) as its collection agency. Fines and fees that are over
$50.00 and have been accruing for over 45 days are reported to UMS. UMS works with patrons to bring their
account back into active status.
There is a $10.00 fee for any account turned over to UMS.

Replacement of Materials:
Lost and/or damaged materials may be purchased by patrons in lieu of paying the lost/damaged fees.
Purchased replacement materials must be new and an exact replica of the material to be replaced.
Purchased DVD’s must be new and in original store packaging.

Payments and Refunds:

The Library is able to accept cash or checks only. Patrons may use credit cards/debit cards online via the
Valley Cat SJVLS System. Partial payments may be accepted if unable to be paid in full. Coalinga-Huron
Library District will not accept payments if the account is in collections from another library.

If a lost item is returned for which the patron has already paid in full or part, the patron will be refunded
for the amount paid on the item. There will be no refund for lost processing fees or overdue fees.

Credits may be left on account. For refund payments, the patron will receive a check from the library
district. A staff member must submit proper documentation to the Library Director (payments may take
up to 30 days for processing. Refunds will be allowed if the lost materials are returned within six months of
when payment was received.

Food for Fines Program:
The Coalinga-Huron Library District recognizes that due to fines or unreturned materials, some patrons
are not able to use the library. The Food for Fines Program helps patrons reduce their fines, along with
helping meet the communities need for feeding hungry neighbors. The food collected thru the Food for
Fines Program stays in the community.

For every non-perishable food item turned in $1.00 will be deducted from your fines. A maximum of five
cans for a total of $5.00 is allowed for each month. Donated food items can only be used towards fines
and not allowed to be used against damaged, lost, replacement or processing fees. If a partial amount is
owed, round off to the nearest dollar. Food must be non-perishable, un-expired and in original store

Final decisions are at the discretion of the Director of Library Services.

Laptop/Tablet User Agreement Form:
When I check out a laptop/tablet at the Coalinga-Huron Library, I agree to be responsible for the laptop and all
accessories and software that come with it. I agree to pay all fines and fees for any loss or damages to the laptop,
accessories and/or software while it is checked-out to me. I agree not to make or attempt to make any changes to
laptop programs or settings. I understand that the library will not be held responsible for any damage to media or
loss of data due to any cause while using a library laptop/tablet.

The check-out period for each Library laptop/tablet is two (2) hours. Laptop computers are available on a firstcome,
first-served basis. Reservations will not be taken. The laptop/tablet and accessories must be returned to a
library staff member before the end of the checkout period. Until the laptop/tablet has been placed in the hands of
a library staff member and checked-in, it is my responsibility. I will check-in the laptop/tablet open, with the power

When returning the laptop/tablet, I will allow at least five (5) minutes for the circulation staff member to check the
equipment. Laptops/Tablets will not be checked out during the last hour the library is open. Laptops/Tablets must
be returned thirty (30) minutes before closing, even if that does not allow the full two hour loan period. I
understand that my laptop/tablet privileges will be revoked if I fail to return the laptop/tablet at the end of the
designated loan period. I will be charged the replacement cost of the computer and a processing fee for lost or
damaged laptops/tablets. I agree that the laptop/tablet cannot leave the library.

By signing this document, I verify I understand and will abide by the Laptop User Agreement and will be
responsible for any damages to the tablet that will result in fines added to the patrons library account. To checkout a
laptop/tablet you must be 18 years old or have this form signed by a guardian with an active library card on file.
Permission form for minors is to be turned in to library staff in person by the guardian. Damage and replacement
costs may change and are subject to staff review.

Damages include but are not limited to:
Cracked Screen: Replacement Cost
Broken Charging Pins: Replacement Cost
Excessive Scratches: Replacement cost
Broken Power Plug and Cord: Replacement cost

Name (Please Print): ____________________________________________________________
Address (Please Print): __________________________________________________________
Phone Number (Please Print): _____________________________________________________
Library Barcode Number: _________________________________________________________
Signature: ____________________________________Date_____________________________
Driver’s License/State ID Number: _________________________________________________
Your E-Mail ___________________________________________________________________
Minor’s Name: _________________________________________________________________
Minor’s Library Card Number: ____________________________________________________

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