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 Coalinga Library Renovation 2014-2015


Coalinga Library Construction and Remodeling

The Coalinga Library will be in Construction/Remodeling starting Jan 6th, finishing up sometime in late July. The library has chosen to stay open during most of this period, as we know that patrons depend on the library for books, homework, school projects, computers and laptop internet access and general research support.

During this period things may be a little dusty, some things out of place, and others packed up and put into storage until we have the room to house them again.

We will continue to provide our services to the public to the best of our ability and we appreciate your patience during transition.

The library has incorporated a few changes to help their patrons during this time.

  • Added charging stations at tables for charging cell phones, laptops and tablets. (You must bring your own charger)
  • Relocated the Adult Computers to ensure the same amount of computers is available thru the construction phases.
  • Relocated Books on CD making sure patrons can continue to check out those items.
  • Upgraded the Internet to 10 Mbps to allow for our patrons to access more technology while in the library such as YouTube, eBay, Facebook, streaming games, Gmail, overdrive, google drive, etc.
  • Added a better filter to our Wi-Fi system to keep illegal content and bad sites away from our network and patrons.

Measure B Funding

The entire remodel will be funded with Measure B funds. Measure B funds are specifically marked for “programs, acquisitions, and library construction”.

Front Doors Entrance/Exit: Our front doors and walkway areas are being changed to be ADA compliant and allow for easier access for our patrons. The doors have problems with opening and shutting and must be replaced in order to be compliant.

Back Doors Entrance/Exit: The back door is being replaced with an ADA compliant door and ramp that will extend to the parking area allowing for a handicap van to pull up and have access to the area.

Young Adult Area: We are transforming our supply room that holds the microfiche tapes into a Young Adult area that can be used for people to do tutoring, play games, listen to music, watch videos, and socialize. This area will be enclosed with a half glass and a door to mitigate the noise to allow for the youth to have a good time without disturbing the rest of the patrons at the library

Restrooms: The restrooms are being remodeled to be ADA compliant and to fix existing plumbing issues that will alleviate downtime of having the restrooms unavailable to our patrons.

Paint: The Library is going to have a facelift featuring a complete new paint job inside the library that will be easy on the eyes and help provide a pleasant environment for our patrons to relax and enjoy the library.

Carpet: New carpet is being installed to replace the worn condition of the current carpet which has rips, tears, and stains. This will provide a safer environment for our patrons at the same time making the library look clean.

AC/Heating: The Air Conditioner and Heating Units at the library have needed to be replaced for years. The AC unit fails in the summer time and the heating unit seems to work when it wants to. Since the library is listed as a cooling center for the City of Coalinga, we feel that this will serve the community. Replacing these units are very expensive and are a major part of the expense in the remodel. In order to replace the unit there must be work done in other areas of the library that may not be seen to the public but are essential.

Lighting: PGE has come in and replaced the lighting under a grant that will actually save the library money because they are more energy efficient, and provide better lighting for our patrons.

Networking and Computers:The library is adding more network jacks in the new Young adult area, circulation desk, Kay Anthony Wing, and in the Program Room that will allow for expansion of our computer access for our patrons and programs that the library will be able to utilize in furthering our growth within the community. Plans for the future may include Tablets, Laptops, and a Mobile Computer Lab.

Children’s Area: The Children’s Area is being remodeled to allow access to the Program Room for a better flow for staff to be able to monitor the Program Room and Children’s Area.

Program Room The program room is having network jacks installed and a walkway to the children’s section. The

network jacks will allow for more programs and events to utilize the new technology that is being developed by the library staff.

Circulation Desk: The library is having a new circulation desk built that will allow for ease of use and a better patron experience when checking out books, collecting holds, and getting help from the staff.

Shelving: The current shelving system is being modified to be earthquake compliant and ADA accessible.

Intrusion System Including Recorded Cameras The libraries current alarm system needs to be upgraded to cover all windows, doors, entry’s and exits. We will also be getting cameras to help with vandalism both inside and outside of the library. The updated system will also help provide statistics on library usage. This will help collect statistical information to determine better staffing needs. The cameras will also be used to help deter any hostile public engagements between patrons or the staff.

For any further information please feel free to call or stop by the library.

Or you can visit our website at:

Coalinga Huron District Library

305 N. Fourth

Coalinga, Ca. 93210 559-935-1676

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