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 Program Room

Program Room Rules & Regulations

  1. The room must be booked for use at the circulation desk. If set-up time in addition to meeting time is needed, this must be discussed with the desk person prior to time requested. Set-up time will be limited to a reasonable amount of time prior to the scheduled meeting. (May we suggest no more that one hour.)
  2. So that the library may accommodate as many groups as possible, no organization/person will be allowed to use the room for more than one day each week for an on-going program. However, special arrangements can be made for multi-day events.
  3. The organization must notify library personnel immediately if anything is wrong with the room, otherwise, the Library District will assume that the facility was in acceptable condition and any damage observed after their use will be considered attributable to their organization and they will be charged accordingly.
  4. The leader of the group is also responsible for making sure that all outside doors are locked when they leave. Lights must be turned out. Any food or trash must be taken with you when you leave. If the room is being used for food or crafts, the organization needs to bring cleaning supplies to restore the tables to their original condition.
  5. The library is not responsible for any items left in the program room by any group using it. If a group will be using the room for several meetings and wishes to leave items to use at each meeting, they do so at their own risk, and only if these items are left out of the way of other people using the room.
  6. Library District use of the program room has priority over any group wishing to use the room. Groups will be notified as early as possible, and last minute notification will try to be avoided.
  7. Patrons booking the room must be 18 years of age and have a library card in good standing – no fines over $5.00.
  8. We ask that you leave the room in the condition in which you found it. This will include returning all furniture to its original location.
  9. A new signature card must be signed if the responsible applicant changes.
  10. A group must have at least 7 regularly attending members in order to book the room on an ongoing basis. Groups must notify the district when they no longer need the room.
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