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Wireless Printing

From your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop

Prints are .20 Cents (Black and White Only)

Send Email with attachment to:

Coalinga Printing

Black and White:


Huron Printing

Black and White:

Color: N/A

Printing from a Cell Phone or Tablet

Download the PRINTERON app from GOOGLE PLAY or APPLE STORE. Tap to select your printer, select Location type Coalinga/Huron, click the check mark. Select your document, photo or website. In the future you can now share with this printer.

Printing from a PC or Laptop

Attach the document, picture via email and send files via email that you want to print to the email address listed above. You can also forward emails to this address.

Printing from a MAC (pages not supported)

Save work to google docs then got to File >> Email as Attachment make sure that the file type says pdf and put them in the email address listed above.

We will not be making photo copies at this time. If you need a copy you can send it electronically as explained above.

Goin’ Postal is available for copies and fax machine service (559) 934-1600

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